Monday, May 13, 2013


Okay! It's the middle of May and I started my 16th year of being vegetarian. So happy birthday to me! Last year I bought myself a moka pot (watch this post) and here (read more here) I showed you how to cook coffee in this pot. I really can't believe it. Sixteen years... It's now more than the half of my life. I am longer vegetarian than I wasn't.

This year I didn't buy anything for my vegetarian birthday, okay, with one except I pimped my flat with new pictures. But I finalised my abroad stay - booked tickets a week ago and in two months I am leaving. It will be the time of my life. I started counting the days.

The evening with the guys during the "Father's day" was funny! The movie was great - we ate the salad and sandwiches and cake... but the hangover next day was enormous. Funny because we did not drunk too much but I think the mix of sparkling wine and white wine was the killer.

Yeah, so "Happy Vegetarian Birthday" to me.

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