Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pushkin the [not] Vegetarian Gourmet

I was laughing so much after my dad sent me by e-mail the latest pictures of our Brit Pushkin especially because it fits so much to my blog - Pushkin the [not] vegetarian gourmet is waiting for his cat's meal. No, it's a joke - he has his own cat's plates but maybe he was thinking something like "come on guys, you're going to have something delicious at the table, why do I have to take my meals in the bathroom? - I am a part of the family" ;)

PS. Our cat, as the one before him, is named after the great Russian writer Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin (Wikipedia). I've always liked the Russian literature and I am so sorry that I never learned Russian to be able to read it in original. Meanwhile it's a tradition in our family to give our animals Russian names. Our last German Shepherd was called "Boris" and I am the one who is the Godfather for our dogs and cats.

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