Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pimp My Flat for Easter

Weekend. Saturday before Easter. I can stay at home and enjoy it. More ore less. I'm working on my thesis - I want to have it finished until Tuesday. The weather's still horrible. No sun, still that arctic cold winds from Scandinavia and Russia. When will it end? Dear God of weather - here I am! Don't forget about me! I want real spring and not Christmas during Easter.

1) Anyway I went shopping last week and I decided to "pimp" my flat. First of all I reorganised that horrible corner in my corridor - the one I wanted to have a built-in closet for my shoes and other stuff I don't want to bring to the attic. But let's be honest, it's a rented flat. I don't want to invest too much money here for stuff I will have to remove anyway when I move out. So I'll buy a normal shelf which I can take with me one day. For the moment I had to organise the corner a little bit to get an overview of all that shoes I have. After pair no. 21 I stopped counting them. It's unbelievable how many shoes one can have! But I generally have too much clothes which I lodge in two closets in the flat, on the attic and I as well have some stuff in the flat of granny. After the "hard work" I made gnocchi - I'll post the recipe and photos later.

2) I was in the city centre having some time only for myself so I bought some new stuff for the flat. This time I was borne up and did not buy any new clothes. Spring should come soon so I bought a new fruit basket by Villeroy & Boch (company's website). It looks great and I filled it with lemons yesterday. It's a nice accent in my flat.

3) I bought a stool for my kitchen. I wanted a small one which would be adjustable in height. IKEA used to have the Svenerik but after I wanted to buy it I found out they're not selling it anymore. But because I am quite smart guy I searched on Ebay and found out that a company from Hamburg is still selling that IKEA model. All together I payed only 35€ and it came two days after I ordered it online. Now I can take a sit while cooking and the stool fits very good with my small kitchen table.

4) Next week we're renting a transporter together with a friend and we're going to IKEA for big shopping to pimp our flats with new sofas and book shelves.

5) This year I have no time to go home for Easter so I'm staying in my flat and tomorrow I'll have lunch with granny. A few minutes ago I got a call from my mother who was searching for the mixer... My mom in the kitchen... My cousin came over and they're baking together a cake for Easter. I was speechless and told the ladies to leave it... After I said "For heaven's sake and God speed you..." I only heard "...we love you too. Goodbye!" and my mom hung up the phone. I think now I have to send flowers to both of them ;) Yeah, it's never boring in my family. Okay, I'm back to my writing work.

Happy Easter!

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