Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Last Week Food Update

I realised that I with the except of the last post about energy I haven't posted any updates of my latest food since a week. To be honest there was not too much to post because I was very busy so I was cooking fast dishes which you can already find on my blog. Last week was long and when I arrived home I only wanted to relax. But finally on Monday which was my free day I decided to fill up my fridge with some delicious stuff. It was the first time since long that I went to the grocery without that usual hectic. There's a nice grocery just a couple of minutes walk from my home which sells as well a lot of food from all over the world. It's not a discounter but a normal supermarket I like a much. I'm buying my food since a long time there and I nearly know all the vendors and the cashier ladies so we always have a small talk or exchange some recipes (!!!). When I had some problems with my health one of them gave me a great idea for a ginger syrup. And yes, it worked!

I walked through the shop and found out that there's a big offer of Levantine and middle Eastern food as well as food from the Mediterranean. I bought two different kinds of ajwar (Wikipedia) because I wanted to try which one fits better to me. But the most happy I was about the harissa (Wikipedia) which is a hot oriental chili-paste. But this one was made for the European market, so I think it's the reason that's not as spicy I thought it will be. I like it, but I know that I'll buy the next one in my favourite Arab grocery in the city. I also filled my fridge with delicious Turkish vine leaves with rice and I bought a can of chickpeas because I want to make Hummus in the next days. And finally I also bought some delicious grana padano cheese (Wikipedia). So be sure I'll perform some magic menu in the next days out of this ingredients. I think it's my desire for sun and warm and not cloudy days that brought me to the idea to buy Mediterranean and Oriental food. Today I cooked some vegetables soup - the grana padano fits very good to the soup. 

And last week at work two of my colleagues had birthday so they brought some cakes and cup cakes. We enjoyed the tea/coffee time and I took some pics. Special thanks to S. who took the pictures and as well after knowing about my blog, sent me some pictures from the party she gave a few days before in her place. Everything looks delicious!

Today we're having a guys evening with some DVD-films or the latest episodes of HIMYM at my friend's place. So I am taking the harissa with me and I am already wondering how the guys will like that spicy paste. They're not used to that Oriental food I am. But we are ordering some pizzas for the evening (yes, this time I am not cooking and we're going lazy - take away pizzas at an Italian's) and the harissa will fit so great to pizza. Yummy!

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