Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Schupfnudeln With Scrambled Eggs

Working day at home - finally I got bored of reading and working on legal questions about bioethics and hungry as a wolf I run to the supermarket. And look what I bought for the fastest and easiest one-dish-meal for my lunch: some German Schupfnudeln (Wikipedia), some salad and Harissa I told you about last week and which disappeared during one evening at C. Schupfnudeln are kind of potato dumplings you can make or buy and just have to warm up in some water on in a pan. I totally love them. 

I know potato dumplings from my home. They were a traditional side dish to nearly everything connected to meat in the province I grew up. Usually the next day they were cut small and prepared with scrambled eggs. I totally loved that meatless day when I was a kid! So if you have some dumplings left, you can use the left overs to prepare something as delicious I had today. It's easy and fast to bake the dumplings for a while in the pan, I added some garlic and salt as well and later you just have to add the eggs and keep it on the stove top for a while. So cooking my lunch took me about 10 minutes. I made the salad in the meantime the pieces were roasting. As dressing I took two pieces of olive oil and one piece of aceto balsamico, some pepper and herbs. The easiest way to make a delicious dressing. And you can believe me, it's healthier than the dressings you can buy in the supermarket. Have you ever seen the list of ingredients there? I had - last week after I had a discussion with my friend about home made dressing and that ready stuff. Making a dressing takes 20 seconds... No, I definitely do not need the whole list of the "E's" (European "E" list of additives in food we just call "E's" and everyone knows what we mean about this (Wikipedia)) in something as simple as a dressing. 

As you see, I also have not always time to cook everything from the beginning and sometimes I use some food you I find in the supermarket - but I am trying to buy that most easiest dishes I know they are without the "E's" and from which I can create something different and maybe (?) healthy. I also love the idea of simple life. It does not matter that while having my lunch I was watching on the fabulous skyline of Frankfurt and the airplanes which are thundering nearly every 30 seconds over my house. Imagine at the same time I was enjoying that "big city view" I also saw the big tree in front of my house and I saw some birds. I think the spring is coming really soon. The first birds are arriving back to Germany. You can find them on the last picture. Is that not a great BIT of simple life watching the animals behind the windows? Sorry for the quality but today it's a very cloudy afternoon.

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