Saturday, January 26, 2013

Vegetables Casserole & Bratkartoffeln

This time a short picture update of some stuff I made since my last update. First of all I made some Bratkartoffeln, some baked potatoes you cook first, keep cool down, peel and later bake in a pan with some salt, pepper, garlic. As you can see I was using my new cast iron skillet that's going to bake everytime better and better.

My second dish was a fast casserole with bread I wanted to use. I could make it the lasagna style but I run out of lasagna plates and because feeling sick in the last two days, I am not leaving my flat. I used deep frozen vegetables and I made some tomato sauce with garlic. To the vegetables which I stewed for 10 minute sin a pan, I added herbs, garlic and a package of cottage cheese. I put the casserole for 20 minutes to the oven. Both dishes were delicious. The other good news are: even I feel a little bit dizzy and narcotized because of the medicine I take, I feel much better than yesterday when I spent the whole day in the bed.

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