Sunday, January 27, 2013

Old Fashioned Pound Cake

While I was surfing last week on the Internet and Facebook - Click here to check my Facebook-Page - I found an interesting and fast recipe for a pound cake. I thought it might be a nice idea to try something new (not always my Milan cake), just a coffee cake maybe for lunch at the office or for my granny or just for fun. I had a very busy week and at its end I was on the best way in getting a cold. Yes, I was getting but I had luck and did not. I jumped into my bed at the very first symptoms and today, after two days I spent in bed, I am luckily the good old guy. And I am bored because I had to cancel a date with a friend today. I thought it might be better to stay at home for one day more. 

After I read a lot, watched a lot of TV, had lunch with granny, I thought the idea with baking a cake will be the right thing for the early and very rainy evening. I started short before the sunset and before the blue hour started - Mixing the cake I could see people walking with umbrellas on the street. Yes... the rain is back. Temperatures around +5°C and rain... Except Tuesday I know I will have a very hard week - it's an exception but I am prepared for my monster week ;)

You'll find the recipe for the Old Fashioned Pound Cake by clicking here. Because I am a fan of kitchen scales, I converted the amount of flour - it's 9 oz flour (270g) and two sticks of butter (great! I had to check what two US sticks of butter are!) are exactly 230 g butter (+/- 8 oz). Finally I made the cake and imagine what (a friendly wink to a blogger friend!) I didn't burn the cake. I tend to burn cakes sometimes but I learned that the best thing for baking in old gas ovens are baking pans made of glass. Since I use them: no burned cakes anymore.

And here's a lovely song by Samira Dadashi "Vienna's Calling Me". I can't get the lyrics and the sound out of my head in the last days. I know I left my heart in Vienna so that's normal, that I still have Vienna on my mind. And talking about Vienna - what do you thing how great that cake would fit with Viennese Melange coffee...

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