Tuesday, December 25, 2012

X-Mas Food @ My Home

We started celebrating Christmas on the evening of the 24th December with a dinner. We had some stuff my mom made, which are traditional and practiced in the family since generations. But I made as well some Israeli hummus, that delicious carrots antipasti, an Arabic salad with couscous and some Boston baked beans. It was like some of the food of my birthday party repeated but I loved the menu so much that I decided to serve it to my folks. During the day I made the Milan cake, which is a fast one and it disappeared until today. 25th December - we were eating all the stuff from yesterday and my mom was baking the goose. I mean all meat eaters should love the smell but I can not find any place in this enormous house which would be free of the smell of a baked goose. And by all my love to my vegetarians views, I am not going to sit in the attic or basement during the holidays - that's goose-smell-free ;). So tomorrow I will enjoy my veggie stuff and the family a Christmas goose (Weihnachtsgans), potato dumplings and cabbage.

Anyway. We were enjoying the time together, watching some TV, sorting old photographs and documents - some of them were more than 100 years old. Documents of my grand grand parents, their photos, documents of my grandparents, some other stuff from before the WWII etc pp. That was the smell of the generations, of my roots, of our personal family history. And it's the history of a past country, of a Germany which does not exist anymore. It's unbelievable how much I know the history of my own family which I can follow back for generations, even having old documents, photos... I really enjoyed the time and the work we did while sorting.

We also had a lot of fun after my mom burned down our Advent wreath... I was baking the cake, my dad was surfing on the Internet upstairs and once my mom started shouting: "guys, come one here, FAST". My father was faster than me and the only thing I saw was him running with a burning wreath to the front door. The positive out of the little fire on our couch table was: the smell of the goose was covered by the smell of a burning spruce. The comment of my mom: "huh, it's smelling like in the church" - and that was the point we all started laughing. The advent wreath is back on the table but looks, how to say it, quite bashed-up ;) And the people walking on the street had some fun as well after seeing my father with a burning and smoking wreath standing near to the front door... Yes, it's never boring in my family and that's what I love about my folks.

I made a quark-apple-cake for tomorrow the 26th. My cousin and my nephew are coming for lunch and for coffee. So I thought it would be a nice idea to make something sweet. It was funny when I tried to take a photo of the inner of the oven - hem hem, the oven's door's like a mirror so I finally opened it for a while to take a pic. I wanted to make some chocolate cookies today but I left it for tomorrow - Alicia, from Culinary Bliss tried a recipe and sent it to me today.

What else? Our cat Pushkin, I mean the cat of my parents is too cute! I had to take some photos of him because he was my helper in the kitchen in the last two days. He was just sitting on the chair or elsewhere and watching - that's what cats can do the best. Pushkin is now exactly 16 months old and he is turning more and more to a real British Shorthair (Wikipedia). He's even more cute in reality than on the pictures. It is said, that BSH turn mature after they are 2 years old. It seems to be true - he's more and more like he "should" be. But he's still such a teddy you would love to cuddle all the time. I am not too in animals. I do love them but I also enjoy the kind of distance (no pets in my bed or at the table) but Pushkin is so cute that I my heart melts every time I see those big eyes! Sorry for the bad quality of the photos I took them with my mobile phone. Merry Christmas and Frohe Weihnachten!

Boston Baked Beans

The fastest cake ever - Milan Cake and me trying to take a photo through a mirror-door of the oven...

Some carrots antipasti and Pushkin

My kitchen helper - Pushkin


While I was cutting the tomatoes for the salad a bird was eating bird food outside the window

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