Sunday, December 2, 2012

Guys Evening with Jason Bourne - Sandwiches, an Advent Wreath & Sauerkraut

It's been nearly a month since the last blog update. Today I got an e-mail from my friend where she wrote "PS: Schreib bitte endlich an Deinem Blog weiter, ich kann keine clarified butter mehr sehen!!! ;)" [PS: Please continue writing on your blog because I can not see the clarified butter anymore!!! ;)"]. Yes that's true! Nor can I!!! It was a month full of surprises and my life rocked my world. 1000% adrenalin. How can I tell a lot of long stories short? Maybe I'll try to concentrate them. 
  • I never thought my future will come so soon and unexpected - I'm trying something new next month. To be honest it started before I thought it could be possible.
  • I closed a chapter of my old life, saying something I wanted to say for months and had no chance.
  • I hope some other future stuff will clarify in the next time too.
  • I asked her out for a date. I didn't want to go like a bull at a gate even if I felt so! It took me two days of thinking about the pros and contras but finally I thought: come on, you're a man, it's now or never. I never laughed so much about this situation afterwards than I did lately. It was the best thing that happened to me in the year of 2012. Sometimes we just have to be brave. So had I. And I am proud of it.
  • My short trip abroad was really short - after 40 hours I was helter-skelter sitting in a plane back home because my granny got pneumonia. I never payed so much for a plane ticket I bought in only 30 minutes after I got the message to come back home and two hours before I took off. Thank you to all my friends who supported me during and after that shock.
  • Traditionally like every year the mechanics "broke" my gas boiler and I had to call for them for a second time (as every year).
  • I'm thinking about the menu for my birthday party. It's the first time since 10 years I am going to celebrate my birthday again!
  • The Sauerkraut I made a few weeks ago is AMAZING!!!
That's about my excuses for being so still in the last time, but after I was working day by day on all my stuff I was only thinking and dreaming about my huge bed where I can fall asleep. Now I'm going to start publishing regularly. I have too much food I would like to share with you - mine and my friends food. That e-mail was like an ass-kick and mobilized me to start with this post.

A week ago we had a guys evening with the Bourne Trilogy. Two of my friends came over and we watched the movies, ate sandwiches I made (one portion was baked in the oven) and drunk wine. A lot of wine as I remember. I think we said good bye something at 5 am.

Today we have the first Sunday of the Advent season and I HAD TO decorate my flat for Christmas. Yes, it was an order of my mother who sent me a Advent wreath and table-cloth. The Advent wreath (Wikipedia) is one of those so German traditions I know from my home and childhood. It reminds me how much we kept this tradition alive at home. Every Sunday in the Advent season we burn a new candle. We burn the candles during our meals during the weeks and it's so heart touchy because there are not a lot of traditions I personally keep and the Advent wreath is one of those I will never give up. So my dearest MOM: here are the pictures, not that you think I am trying to skip X-Mas. I love it and when it comes: I DO HATE IT. So, it's the same procedure as every year ;)

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