Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally: The Party & Food

Finally the day of my birthday came and I had friends invited for dinner, drinks and a game evening. As I wrote it was the first time since ten years that I was giving a birthday party and I really enjoyed it. I'd like to say thank you to my guests as well to everyone who thought about me and sent me SMS, e-mails, birthday cards or gave me calls. It was nice of you.

Because I didn't want to spend MY DAY in the kitchen, I started cooking the evening before. A lot of dished had the need to stay for one day to get the real taste. The only thing I made on my birthday was the cake which I bake in the morning. It took me about two hours to cook everything. It was a very well organized time. It's not easy to make so many dishes for so many people in my small kitchen and I had to do the cleaning up during I was preparing the food. But it worked well and I am used to be organized because I'm always helping my mom with preparations for parties she gives and she always has between 10 and 20 persons one evening. It's amazing how well organized she is. She makes everything before and never stays away from the guests for longer than five minutes - only to bring the new dishes to the table. And because I am always helping her, I know how to do it the proper way. This time I'd like to say a special thanks to Z. for the small help between the main dish, the coffee and the last dish with the plates, the dishwasher and cutlery. And thanks to all the guests -  I think you enjoyed the evening as I did, especially we finished partying at 3 am. Now I can imagine you'd like to know what I cooked - a lot of antipasti, and two warm dishes. So here comes the list:
  • Boston Baked Beans (cold)
  • Israeli Hummus (cold)
  • Vegetables-Quark-Dip (cold) - my own creation
  • Italian carrots antipasti (cold)
  • Oriental bulgur tabbouleh salad (cold) as side dish or salad
  • French ratatouille (warm)
  • Foccacia and baguette bread
  • Feta-Spinach-Quiche (warm), in the late evening as additional dish - no pics, sorry
  • Apples-Quark-Cake and Tart Napoleon (thank you Tatjana for that great gift!)
  • Not to mention the wines, sparkling wine, and other drinks - we stayed at wine the whole evening
As you can see I went very international. Starting in Boston through Europe and finishing somewhere in the Levant. Even three days later I am eating the rests out of the fridge which smells like one big garlic! I think I am going to deep freeze the hummus because I am not able to finish it tomorrow. In the evening I finished eating the ratatouille, all the cakes and the baked beans but I still have hummus, the carrots antipasti, the quark-vegetables dip and some tabbouleh left. Could anybody please help me eating all that stuff? ;) 

I also got my cast iron pans which were my own birthday present to me - I got rid of the Teflon pans and switched to cast iron. We will see if I'll still like them in a month... The cooking was not the problem for me but the decision how to position the table in that horrible small living room to get all the people at one table. Sorry Mr. S., who is my neighbour downstairs for the noises at 1 am, when I was "driving" for nearly one hour with the table through the whole room. Finally I found a solution and redecorate the living room - a small change which I kept after the party. Sometimes also a small change makes you feel better and the flat looks better. But now enjoy the pictures of the food, the preparation process, the mess in my kitchen and everything around the day I wrote about. Now I am a big boy, if not to say: a 25+++ ;) man.

The preparation; my new cast iron pans and the main dish after we already drunk the sparkling wine
Israeli Hummus

The dips, the tabbouleh, tee and cofee

Cooking of the ratatouille - I used white wine this time
The table, some of the dishes in the fridge the evening before, a LOT to drink and some kitchen mess
The cakes - tart Napoleon by Tatjana (thank you so much!) and my apples-quark-cake
While making the apples-quark-cake
I'm trying to "defend" my piece of the yummy tart Napoleon, the game (Mind Master?) later, some of the food and the main dish

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