Saturday, December 22, 2012

Elderberry Wine & X-Mas Fever

Thursday evening was a lovely time which I spend with my friend and drinking: Elderberry Wine. I've never tried it before but it was very tasty. It had a little sour taste but was exactly my taste. My friend told me, the wine was a home-made one, from an organic farmer who makes stuff like that. WOW! I think I'll buy some for myself. Now talking about wine, I think it could be a nice idea to start a small wine corner here. I do love wine and I enjoy it during the meals or using it for cooking. So I had the idea to describe some of the most popular wines here, every time I'll buy a new bottle. I'll be the "tester". So take a look on the pictures. Sorry for the bad quality, but they were taken with my phone and the build in camera is not the best one.

Home made, organic and GMO free elderberry wine

And now a small update about X-Mas. First of all I went home to visit my parents and our animals: our dog and our cats. One of them is living in the apartment, the others live in the cellar and outside in the garden. That's so great. No neighbours, a big house, a lot of space and a BIG KITCHEN!!! Despite the fact we're running into the Christmas celebration in two days - and we start celebrating on 24th with a dinner, and the 26th is as well a day free of work, I made a menu for me and my family for the next days. My mom will prepare some of the traditional dishes - which are for sure not vegetarian, and some of the vegetarian traditional stuff (like cabbage or salad) and I will as well do some extra dishes which an be eaten by everyone. We went for a huge shopping today and I bought everything I wanted. Almost everything - but I'll buy the last 3 things on Monday morning. In my next update I'll let you know what I cooked. Tomorrow I am starting with some antipasti, the brownies and hummus.

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