Monday, October 1, 2012

Postcards from Vienna - Grüße aus Wien

Vienna mon amour! What is so great about Vienna? Nearly everything! I always enjoyed to listen to the Viennese accent in German - on day no. 2 I started to imitate it! It comes by itself! I always had a very good "ear" for languages and for different dialects and accents. The second thing I love is the feeling of being abroad but still being "at home". Maybe because there's absolutely no language barrier and listening to Viennese I am getting more and more excited about the opulence of my own mother tongue and the beauty of German. It's a pity that the local dialect in Frankfurt sounds so weird and let's be honest, it's not the best German can offer (but believe me, there are some worse!) - And Viennese German is so melodic... I want to turn Viennese and leave that standard German we are forced to use in Germany behind me ;) Close to the cathedral the Stehpansdom I found a Manner shop. I do not eat to much sweets but I will never say NO to anything made by Manner... Here's the link Yes, I will come back soon and not every ten years. Here are the postcards from Vienna the way I see it.

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