Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pasta and there's no basta!

It looks as my project of inviting some of my friends to help me with the blogs is turning to be a success. I've got a lot of pictures and descriptions of food my friends make. First of all I'd like to introduce my friend Tatjana. She is of those silent chefs who cook their dishes in the darkest corners of their kitchens and later comes a BOOM!!! - You'll be served a perfect dinner. How crazy is that??? You think you're a great amateur chef and later comes out someone else seems to be a real semi-professional one! Say it loud my friend: Cooking is not only your passion but it's your secret day job! As long as long you won't torture me with the philosophy of Immanuel Kant (Wikipedia) again and anymore, I'll keep your secret and won't tell other people how great you cook and how I like visiting you both in your "old bakery".

Tatjana's also the one I lost the last cooking battle and I am still proud for that. The food was too tasty! I'd also like to say thank you at this point - for everything.

For the beginning some pictures of pasta, as Tatjana wrote: Our experiments after we bought a pasta machine.

Ravioli mit fresh curd cheese and zucchini-haselnut filling
Chocolate pasta with cherries and Nutella (chocolate + nut cream), and fettuccine below

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Alicia said...

nutella and cherries!? amazing!
I've really been wanting one of those ravioli trays. This is inspiring me to get one!

Vegetarian Chef said...

Dear Alicia, I was the same suprised you were! My first thought was they are joking me. But maybe Tatjana will say something to this ;)

And about the rabioli tray: X-mas's soon soon, so you know what you can ask for ;)) Best regards!

Anonymous said...

Haha... we were no less surprised... at how yummie chocolate-cherry ravioli are! Fruity and not too sweet and the chocolate...

It was just an idea, we were joking at first, but then our expressions became serious and the expectations rised... it was easy to make the dough (like normal pasta dough but with powdered sugar instead of salt and baking cocoa), but we didn't made it too sweet, because we had a sweet-cream sauce with the ravioli. And then it's up to your fantasy...cherry and nutella were the things we had at hand, but imagine you can do it also with coconut and strawberry or exotic fruits like ananas and mango or only hazelnuts and vanilla cheescake. There are so many options!
And the ravioli tray was very easy to handle.

If you get one, Alicia, I will be very interested in your pasta, so please make pictures :D

best regards

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