Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hungary - People, Cuisine & Impressions

Jó napot kívánok! Hello from Hungary! Mosonmagyaróvár and Győr are two cities in Hungary I saw yesterday. We decided not to go to Budapest this time but reserve 3 days only for the city during the next trip. We thought it would be better to go directly to Budapest next time, stay there for a couple of days and explore the city "the right way". So this time we were exploring the terrain in Western Hungary. Hungary is great although the language is unspeakable for me. The city of Győr has a great old town in Renaissance style - the city was rebuilt in the 16th century after the invasion of the Turks in this part of Europe. The cuisine in Hungary is still Austro-Hungarian style and the coffee in the cafés called Kávéház taste exactly as the Wiener Melange in Vienna. I was not able to take every time pictures from the delicious foods and drinks - I must be honest now, sometimes I was so hungry that I forgot about it... The Hungarian cuisine is full of meat in all it's diversity. I found backed cheese with potatoes and a big portion of salad - it was the only vegetarian meal I was able to get. Hungarians are very polite. A lot of them spoke German - a really good German and it was absolutely no problem to communicate - I did it in German and English. We had some problems with the parking machine on the street and a young lady just stopped, asked us in a perfect German if we need help and explained us how to buy the parking ticket. I can't imagine someone in Germany would stop and offer someone some help only if he hears that the other person must be a foreigner who maybe needs help. We were as well blessed with the weather - 27°C (80°F) on October 1st is not a standard in Middle Europe. Enjoy the pictures and so long I am happy about the thought of going back to Hungary soon, next time to Budapest.

Just a small bakery and shop in Mosonmagyaróvár

Györ + my baked cheese

I learned a few rules of Hungarian to be able to read the words the proper way

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