Monday, October 29, 2012

Gnocchi with Spinach-Cream Sauce by Ivonne

My dearest readers, dear friends! It's time to introduce the third participant in my "post pics of friends' food on the blog" project [check new label: friend's food project]. I got an e-mail from Ivonne who is my best friend's wife - she asked me to publish her newest dish on the blog! Even we know each other since only two years and even we had some misunderstandings at the beginning, I am sure we reached a totally new level of relationship after all. Knowing each other a better way and talking. And Ivonne's husband is my best friend, a brother I never had and someone who knows me since I was teenager. Together with Jimmy we had so much fun, studied together, laughed, drunk and traveled. Yes I would say we had the time of our lives together with our third close friend. What's funny everyone of us was so different, with different cultural backgrounds. But we were always there if the other was in need. And now, even two years after we all went our ways, we are still there. Skype, telephone, SMS, e-mail, yes we keep together. I hope maybe one day in the future our ways will cross again that we could just meet for a drink without flying through the half continent. And my only wish for the future is, that one day when we will be grey and old, or bold and old ;) - we will sit in a café somewhere in the Southern Countries, laughing and remembering the past. And that we will be able to look back and say with implicitness I [really] had a FRIEND. Thank you for everything guys and sorry for me being sometimes such a nudnik...

Now back to Ivonne's food, before I'll go too pathetic: Ivonne cooked some Italian Gnocchi [self made] with spinach-cream sauce and a Parmesan cheese-topping. Yummy!!!

Italian gnocchi with spinach-cream sauce and a Parmesan cheese-topping

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