Friday, October 19, 2012

Garlic in Olive Oil

Do you know the problem with garlic when you buy some and after a few weeks you can not use it anymore because it got soft or dried out? I love garlic and I use a lot of it in my cuisine but I am always too lazy to peel one clove of garlic and later to clean the garlic press with a match. But I found out how to make it easier. Once in a while when I am running out of garlic I buy a bigger amount and chop it in a food processor. I put it into a jar and add as much olive oil to cover the garlic (you can of course use any other oil). I keep the jar in the fridge and every time I need some garlic I use a teaspoon or more for my meals. Sometimes it's good to add some extra olive oil if it runs out. Easy? Yes. But the best will come now: You can keep the ready garlic for a couple of weeks in the fridge, so feel free to make bigger amounts at once. I know this garlic-trick from my Israeli friend.

It takes me about a half hour to make it. Usually I am watching a thriller on TV so I do not have the feeling I am spending too much time in the kitchen. And there is one trick I read on the Internet about peeling garlic - put it for about 20 minutes to cold water. Peeling it will be very easy. So take a look on the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

That's so simple and brilliant!
Never thought of that!

I rushed to Sebastian to tell him the splendid news, but obviously he was expeting something else when he saw my glowing face... I was looking like X-Mas came early... I know, peopley will by like "OMG... way to go... it's just a cool way to keep garlic"...but NO it's more than's the ingenious way to never have to make fuss about one little clove of garlic ever again! Never ever spending way more time cleaning up than actually using the clove, never ever the "garlic fragrance" on your finger... from now on it is: making one time, using a dozen time!

Thank you!! thank you Chris!!!

And I haven't forgotten our garlic rule No 1:
Wanna eat garlic but meeting friends this evening? Don't hesitate, just text them you'll do it...because there is a very high chance they are about to do just the same! :D

Vegetarian Chef said...

Hahahaha! I can imagine Sebastian's stoical face listening to you, crazy chicken, telling him the news. Yes, I love this garlic idea. And I always use gloves for garlic and onions ;) If you need some, let me know - I've got a lot because of my granny.

And about garlic rule no. 1: You are totally right! Although, funny story, last time I made the carrots antipasti, I ate A LOT of them in the late afternoon and had a date with a friend in the evening. The first thing I said when I arrived with the antipasti was: EAT THEM!!! NOW!!!! I don't want you to smell me like this!!! In the underground I was only praying none is going to sit next to me - I couldn't even smell myself!!! Otherwise I would take a breath every 2 minutes ;)

Mina Joshi said...

Nice idea. This way you can even use it to spread on your french bread etc. I tend to freeze mine in ice cube trays and use a cube when needed

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