Sunday, October 28, 2012

French Toast with Antipasti, Winter Potatoes & Milan Cake

That's kind of an off-topic. I just wanted to show some new pictures. I decided that the devil won't get my soul this time and so soon so I'm keeping on drinking hot tea and hoping the cough will stop soon and I get my voice back. Yes, that's what I decided ;) It was also the first day since 4 days I left the flat. We had a wonderful afternoon - blessed with sun although it was soooooo cold. The evening came after 5 pm - thank you for the time change. Ugh...

Anyway my evening was kind of funny. Maybe you know the film My Big Fat Greek Wedding? Well, I knew it before but I'm watch it now. And they remind me sometimes my family. And that brings me one hour back. Talking to my dad on the phone he wanted to know some more about my grandmother's cousin living in Paris. Okay, so I called my granny and made a 3-way-conference, so my granny started with the whole story again. Me, bored.... decided meanwhile to bake a fast cake (my Milan cake). When my father and my granny finished - my cake was already in the oven.

The other thing is: yesterday I got the 60 pounds of Winter potatoes I ordered from a farmer to keep them in the cellar. I ordered extra 60 pounds for my friends and told the guy to deliver them. And later I got the message and imagine that deceit peasant told them that I ordered 120 pounds and they bought the story as well the 120 pounds potatoes!!! That's about the potatoes. I have a cooking book only about potatoes and I decided to cook one of those potato dishes once a week until March. That will be my second project, after publishing pics and dishes of my friends. I really can't wait for the weekends when I'll have time to try the recipes out of the book.

And because listening to that story on the phone for the third or fourth time, baking the cake, reading in the book about the nutrition facts of potatoes made me hungry - I made a quick toasts with cheese and carrots and cucumber antipasti. So, back to my film which I am still watching (the wedding just started) I say καληνύχτα and goodnight.

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