Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Cooking a Pumpkin with Alexander Pushkin

Believe it or not - today I cooked a pumpkin for the very first time in my life. After we had so many pumpkins in our garden, I decided to cook something out of them and once not using them for decoration my mother always does. I am still in my parents' house and I enjoy it. My mom has a big kitchen and now with that induction stove top which works even faster than gas, it's a pleasure to cook something. Okay, back to the pumpkin: I decided to start my pumpkin experience with the smallest pumpkin we had in the garden. I found a recipe on the Internet and I decided to cook it in the pressure cooker. I cleaned the pumpkin, took out the seeds and put it to the pressure cooker. It took me about 20 minutes one portion because since the switch to induction only the old enamel pressure cooker works and the newer and better stainless-steel Fissler not. After 20 minutes in the pot the pumpkin was ready, I took it out and peeled with a fork. At the end I puréed the mass in the food processor and made a soup - the recipe will be posted in a separate post. 

My helper in the kitchen was my parents' cat whose name is [Alexander] Pushkin. He was observing me and maybe thinking: what's that crazy guy doing there at the stove stop. Pushkin is exactly 13 months old and on the best way to be a very beautiful British Short Hair cat. Enjoy the pictures.

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