Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday in Athens (Greece)

Apart from the problems we have at the moment with our currency and with the question how can we help Greece to come out from the economic recession, I found the pictures from my trip to Greece three years ago. After my friend resettled to Greece to continue with her studies and we haven't seen for 3 years, me and my best friend in Germany decided to go to over my birthday to Athens for a friends-reunion. Due to the fact that Europe is not as big as the U.S. we arrived in Athens just after a three-hour flight through the continent. It was really funny because we left Germany in the middle of the Winter, it was cloudy, foggy, cold - just this typical German Winter and three hours later we stood in the middle of our Sunshine Country "Ellada". Me and my friend walking around in sweatshirts between Greeks in warm Winter coats made the Greek folks laughing. Unluckily I was in Athens exactly in that December when that horrible riots after the death of this young guy started. The city was horribly demolished as well as the university - as you can see in the pictures taken exactly on my birthday... But beside this sad circumstances I had a wonderful time there. I brought some culinary impressions from Athens - here are the photos.

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