Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Apple Purée aka. Apfelmus - The Smell of the Autumn

There is one thing I really remember from my childhood - Apfelmus. That's also one of those words I don't want to translate - I explain it but later I use it in my mother tongue. It's like music in my ears - it reminds me my childhood and the smell of the cooked apples from the past times. In no other language I get those feelings - only if I say or hear Apfelmus. We always made apple purée because we had a big tree with apples and home made Apfelmus was always in our pantry. It's easy to cook apple purée. You need apples, some water, sugar and (if you like) cinnamon. The easiest way is to clean the apples and cut the inner out. Cover the apples with a little bit with water and cook it in a big pot until the apples crush. That's the way I remember from my parental home. We always cooked the apples in a ca. 8 gallon big pot. Now there are two ways to make Apfelmus (it depends how much apples you want to cook)

Apfelmus for preserving (in big amounts - traditional way):

That's a traditional German recipe for Apflemus the way it was made at our home since generations. Take a big amount of apples. Clean them, cut the inner out, add some water and cook them covered in an enormous pot until they're really crushed. Purée the apples with a food mill. If you like, add now as much sugar as sweet you want your Apfelmus. If not, skip this step and add the sugar after you open a jar to serve it. Put the purée into cleaned preserving jars and pasteurise it for about 20 minutes in a preserving pot. Keep it cool in a dark place. You can use Apfelmus as compote or a sauce for potato pancake or as a topping for a cake.

Apfelmus the fast way (my way - up to 20 lbs apples):

I do all the steps with the except that I do not have an apple tree on my balcony and enormous amounts of left apples. So I make some Apflemus the fast way out of 20 pounds of organic apples from the farmer's market - if I had more apples I would go the traditional way with a big pot and a food mill. That's enough for me for the whole Winter and Apfelmus is the only compote I really like and can eat with everything. I cook the apples in my pressure cooker and later I purée them with an immersion blender. Using a pressure cooker I'm adding less water than in a normal pot because it's not evaporating than if you do it the traditional way. I add some sugar and freeze it in small portions in the freezer. If I have bigger amounts I also use small jars and pasteurise. I'm always adding the sugar and cinnamon before serving because I don't want cinnamon or sugar in every dish. That's all - easy easy easy ;)

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