Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Ultimate Cooking Revenge - Chris' Waterloo

First of all I can proudly say that I lost the first round in the battle for the tittle of a KITCHEN DEVIL. On Tuesday evening we had the cooking revenge for my Sunday pasta & cake creation. And I must say I know how Napoleon had to feel after the lost Battle of Waterloo. But why have I said "proudly". Well the food was so delicious that in this case everyone would be willing to loose a culinary battle. In excuse of my "pasta" and cake I can say only one thing: I was not prepared and I
I'll do better. Tanja: One point for you and THE BATTLE IS OPEN AGAIN. After I'll be back from vacation, next round will be held in my home again and this time I am sure to do the point. Be prepared!

We were 5 people this time having a lovely evening. The food was fantastic! Everything was vegetarian except the tuna salad. I like the kitchen of the lady of the house: it's a square one. I always loved square rooms because you've got more space for the stuff. Yes I knew the kitchen before but this time I took my camera with me to take some photos of the place where that yummy food was prepared and because it was a "cooking revenge" I knew from the beginning that I am the loser of the first round - and having the camera was a good companion to make a documentary of the dishes. 

I love those magnet plates for the fridge. They bring some life to a kitchen and break that sterile routine of the most of the kitchens. Here's a plate remembering the plates in Berlin during the Cold War.
I know my friend is crazy on tea but this collection tops everything I have seen ever before.
We were served a lot of different dishes and dips - eggplant paste, tomato butter, tuna salad, Greek feta with herbs and and and. To be honest I forgot what exactly we ate... It was so much and so delicious that we were only concentrating on the hedonistic tastes of Tanja's haute cuisine we had the possibility to enjoy.

For dessert we were served coffee, mousse au chocolat and a squash cake. It was heavenly. Although I had to skip the mousse au chocolat round because it was too sweet for me. I tried it, it was so soft and heavenly light but nothing for someone who does not like sugar too much. But I did enjoyed the squash cake.

Thank you for the evening - enjoy the 0:1 and see you in 3 weeks in my kitchen, I hope in the same or even extended caste for the cooking battle part III.

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