Friday, September 21, 2012

The Beautiful Blue Danube

Sometimes also I need some rest and vacation. I think I got travel nerves because I am leaving on Saturday and I still have some things to organize before I'll run to the airport. And I am eating the fridge empty and not cooking for the next two days. I'm leaving to Warsaw for a few days - a city which I know very well and hate because it's so crowded dirty and big but I always enjoy coming back there and I am always happy leaving it. It's kind of a funny story: you are happy to go somewhere but later you're always happy to go home - it means you had a great time but you enjoy things which are familiar to you. And because I know the city so well I am happy to visit all the nice places which I know they're worth to visit. I'm also going to collect some new ideas for the future because I know that I'll go there again for a couple of times in the next 12 months.
In this two weeks I'm going to 4 countries, Poland, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. The most of the time I'll spend in Austria discovering Vienna and Austria. And I'll have my parents as my companions so our family trip can begin. I know Vienna and I love it even if skipped visiting the city for 10 years. I am VERY curious on the culinary impression I'll be able to collect during my trip and I am happy to know that I'll come back home and try to cook some of those stuff. I would say goodbye, ciao, do widzenia, ahoj, szia and tschüß until October but I am quite sure that I will find some time to post some of my culinary battles - but for the moment take some musical impressions from the countries I am visiting.

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