Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins...

I do not know where to start because I have a few ideas I want to post. First of all it's Autumn, that sure and we have wonderful weather!!! That's also the time where pumpkins are sold and and and. Last Friday, shortly before I left Frankfurt for two weeks, I was sitting with a friend of mine in a café over the roofs of the city and I saw that there was something like a farmer's market at the Hauptwache which is the very heart and central place of Frankfurt. And I saw there was a pyramid made of pumpkins. It looked so cool, that I asked M. to take some photos with his iPhone and send them to me. So big big THANKS my dear for that pictures.

Farmer's market in Frankfurt am Main

It's funny because when I am visiting my parents there are always a lot of pumpkins as decoration at the front door or at the windows. My mom is not the World's best chef... so she never prepared pumpkins and let's say it this way: we never ate our decoration. But we do have an enormous garden and we bring the decoration when it gets old outside to the compost heap. So we did last year. And imagine. I hasn't been visiting my parents for a couple of months during the Summer AND the first thing my dad wanted to show me were the pumpkins. I thought he must be crazy to be so excited because of some decoration my mom bought... But later I understood. The pumpkins were growing in the garden! After we compost the old deco-pumpkins the seeds survived and imagine, pumpkins were growing even on trees! Our garden is a little bit wood like, so the pumpkin plants climbed on the trees and the highest pumpkin we reaped was something like 6 ft. over the ground! So now we have 6 or 7 big pumpkins and we have absolutely no idea what to cook out of them. I'll search the Internet for some ideas. Take a look at the pictures:

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