Friday, September 28, 2012

"Out Of My Mind" Pasta & Quark Casserole

"Out Of My Mind" - I know I am hilarious in creating names for the dishes I cook. But it was really an out of my mind casserole today. We're leaving soon to Austria and it was no reason to do the big shopping for one week. So I cooked pasta, added quark (curd cheese), crushed tomatoes, herbs, salt, pepper etc. But let's start at the beginning - and sometimes I think I am even worse than Ted from How I Met Your Mother who also has a problem with keeping a long story short ;)

Yesterday I wanted to pour some milk into my coffee and I realized the milk got sour. I opened the other one - the same problem. It was a quite good fresh milk which was only pasteurised and not UHT-milk (long life milk). I know that quark or curd cheese is not a common thing in the Americas (Check here the Wikipedia) and I can not imagine a typical German cheese cake without curd cheese... Okay, Ted, come to the point: Instead of pouring the 1/2 gallon milk out I put it into a pot, covered it with a lid and left it for the night in a warm place - not far away from the fireplace. Today I added juice of a 1/4 of a lemon and warmed it up to 90°F (40°C) for a while. I took a white blanket put the mass into it, closed it from the top, hang it over the sink and left it for about 3-4 hours. I got more than one pound (maybe 1 1/2 lb) of great quark. Next time I'll take some photos - I totally forgot about it. When I want to make a really good German cheese cake I always prepare the quark a few days earlier and never use the ready one from the supermarket.

Okay, I didn't think that the curd cheese I made will turn into a part of my today's meal. I cooked some pasta, added the ingredients I wrote at the beginning and the curd cheese as well. After I mixed it together I buttered a baking pan and added some fresh tomatoes and some cheese on the top. I baked the casserole for 20 minutes at 390°F (200°C). It was delicious and my family also enjoyed it very much. I got "rid" of the curd I made today and I made a meal out of NOTHING or better said EVERYTHING I just found in my mother's kitchen. So enjoy the pictures.

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Alicia said...

this looks absolutely incredible! I actually really like quark cheese because we get some from a very good local dairy and it's inexpensive. I would love to try making my own, so feel free to put up a post the next time you make some. And have safe travels!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alcia - Chris, you can't just tell things like that "by the way" :D
"Yesterday I made some quark on my own"
Everybody is like "how? how did you do that?"
Please give us you recipe!

Chris said...

Okay, okay, I promise to make some Quark and a whole picture documentary :D Please wait a few days and by the weekend you should get the recipe ;)

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