Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Finally I left Warsaw - and now I got to my parental home until we're leaving to Austria for vacations. The weather is so great. I made a small collage of some pictures I took today in our garden. You can as well see our dog - he's enjoying the sun.

I made a great lunch - potatoes, vegetables, feta - a ragout. I forgot to take a picture of the meal so the only picture I got is the one of the "rests". BUT - I had the possibility to try the new induction stove my mother bought. It's a nice invention. I do prefer a gas stove but yes, it's as fast as gas and you don't have to wait ages until something's boiling it was in case of a normal electric stove. But my mom is a little bit "disgusted". She had to say goodbye to 99% of her pans and pots because they were not induction ready and didn't work. Now she has only a few old enamel pots and every 10 minutes I only hear: "my poor pots and pans..." ;)

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