Monday, September 24, 2012

Cooking in Warsaw - Jigsaw Repeated

Me and my friend we cooked together yesterday. We made an eggplant salad which was FANTASTIC. All you need is some eggplants, salt, pepper, sesam paste (tahina), garlic, lemons. Grill the eggplants - on a gas stove top or in the oven (which I tried today - around 30-40 minuts on the highest level), crush them, add the other ingredients - and that's all. We were laughung because the poor eggplant looked after the Polonia-Germania "operation" like they would had a date with Jigsaw. The complete photo-documentary of cooking with my friend and a few impressions from my friend's kitchen (and she's a herb MANIAC!) - below.

I had a fantastic time, so thank you so much W. for the hospitality, for the laughs we had and for everything you've done for me in the past few years but especially months. God bless you & Dziekuje bardzo.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, guys, it looks delicious! And what a splendid herb collection. I will try this recipe with our friend Z., because she simply loves eggplants and every dish that's made of this lilac vegetable. Hopefully she'd like it. But seeing this mouthwatering pictures I am pretty sure, she will!! :D


Chris said...

That's something I didn't know!!! Next time I'll serve Z. something with eggplants ;) ANd Tatjana, believe me, it was delicious :)

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