Saturday, September 8, 2012

Busy busy Saturday

It took me a while since my last post. I was busy with my stuff, with planing my vacation (I already booked the hotels and the tickets), running from doctor to doctor and negotiating with the guys from the health insurance fund. But I did it and they accepted backdated and future costs of the therapy. After the correction in the attest was made the treatment can go on and the costs of the medication will be refunded by the health insurance fund. God Bless Germany.

In the kitchen: I made waffles. I just bought ready waffles and a jar of Nutella. Easy easy and fast fast fast. Look the picture:

Today I had some time to clean up my flat, get rid of old stuff, sort my books and to dust the book shelf up. I have too many books. The last time I count them it was more over 600. And I buy month to month some new. So it should be something around 700+. I found so many old books I forgot that I even had. Sometimes I wish I were a book - a book that someone would read over and over again. Yes, that would fit to me...

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