Sunday, September 23, 2012

Autumn Walk in Warsaw - First day on Vacations

I knew that I'll find some time to post something and it would be stupid to say „goodbye until October“ knowing that I can't keep that promise. Well. So here I am in Warsaw. The first nice thing which happened to me was that the ticket machine didn't want to sell a ticket for the train to the centre. On the 22nd of September the public transportation in Warsaw was for free. It was the first time that I had the possibility to check the new connection by train from the airport to the city centre. It was opened during the Cup of Europe Soccer Championship in June 2012. And my last time in Warsaw was in April.
Because I have an old friend in Warsaw too I was invited to stay in her place for a couple of days after my adventure with a Polish girl from Warsaw finished and I already had the tickets booked. The weather was so great, so we went for a walk around the neighbourhood and later we cooked – so check the newer post about the eggplant salad!

And here are some pictures of our Warsaw walk - my first walk in the Autumn, because on Saturday it started for good and we left the Summer behind us. The weather was like we would order it at the Gods personally! I like Warsaw! I'll still come there back :)

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Anonymous said...

Just beautiful.
Autumn is coming.

Chris said...

Indeed! It's one of the most beautiful times of the years, especially if it stays sunny and warm and the Indian Summer arrives :D

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