Monday, August 27, 2012

What Do Singles Cook?

I enjoy keeping tabs on people when I am in the grocery store. I mean it's not difficult you can take a look into their shopping cards or baskets. I was always a good observer if I concentrated on a thing or a topic. In my usual life I do not see a lot things. Sometimes I don't want them to see and sometimes I just have twenty thousand thoughts in my head. But I truly hate shopping. For me it's one of the biggest punishments to go to a grocery store and walk and walk and walk looking for stuff I could need for my next dinner. My method to get my peace with the fact that I love cooking and hate shopping is making a list of things I need to buy for the next few days and knowing my local grocery's I can even do the shopping with my eyes closed. A few years ago I started an experiment. I was trying to guess if a person is a single or not. After a few years I'd like to share with you what I observed. First of all, the most singles are shopping in the late afternoon or soon before the shop's closing. Until 1 pm, most of the clients are older people or housewives doing family shopping. The shopping cards are always full of different stuff and the cars outside are minivans or some Volvo-style station wagons. The generation 60+ drives quite a lot of Mercedes. Sometimes I have to laugh seeing a senior who is not able to walk properly but then gets to the card and drives on the street. My first thought is always: “wohoho, drive with God”.

The second run on the grocery markets starts after 5 pm when most of the people do the after-work shopping for themselves or their families. It's a good time to see and meet a lot of singles in the store. How do I know it? They're usually not taking the big shopping cards but take the small baskets instead. Guys usually have a deep frozen pizza, some beer or wine, sometimes some cosmetics, a litre of milk, a few small stuff for the breakfast like cereals or a cheese and a car or sport magazine. The same with the ladies except the sport magazines. If you see a lady buying something like this, be sure she's for 99% in a relationship. But in the baskets of the beautiful sex I can see more fruits, vegetables and salads. It's funny but I have never seen anyone buying condoms! Maybe people don't buy condoms in shops everyone knows them where they're buying their milk and bread day by day? I don't know but it's funny.

I would risk to say that a lot of singles don't like too cook. Maybe their flats are too small and they don't have even a small kitchen or they don't like cooking only for themselves. I never had that problems. I always had an own separate kitchen in my very first own flat and the same in my second over those years. And I am always cooking for two days. Sometimes also I am too lazy to cook everyday and sometimes it's impossible and makes no sense to cook one meal. You need the same amount of time to cook for two or even three people and also I do not cook everyday. So the most of my meals I make I eat two days but not longer. For me it's okay to eat two days the same. I like the stuff I cook and it's nice to come home and just warm up a meal. I enjoy food and to be honest in 70% of the cases my food I cooked for the next day disappears on the same evening...

Anyway let's get back to the topic. My local grocery store closes at 10 pm and between 8-10 pm you can be sure not to meet any mommies or housewives you see in the mornings but a lot of people with baskets and less with shopping cards. And the baskets are quite full of “single stuff” I call it. I also enjoy shopping in the evenings. First of all there are not a lot of people in the store, second no one is pushing you with a full card saying “sorry, the card is so heavy I wasn't able to control it” and second – you have time for a smalltalk with the till lady. I always enjoy it because I know some of the ladies since a couple of years and we're always doing smalltalk if there are not a lot of customers at the till.

So I am not a typical single. I never was. Even in my last relationship which was a quite long one I always paid attention to have my freedom and own free space. So as long we are singles: let us not buy pizzas, beer and sport magazines but make some experiments in our kitchens instead. Let's enjoy our freedom and let us be curious on everything the future will bring. The life is too interesting to let it pass by.

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