Thursday, August 2, 2012

Staying Healthy With Food or Feed the Granny Healthy

I must confess, after strawberries this year, I discovered a new drug: WATERMELONS! I tried different kinds of and the most I love the yellow ones and the real, real red ones. I always liked watermelons but I've never eaten too much of them. Now, every second day I come home with a watermelon which I am eating together with my granny for the next two days. 

But my granny is a different story and a topic I wanted to write about. I maybe could be right with keeping thinking, that food could make us healthy: After our common Sunday lunches I started a new tradition: "feed the granny with fruits and vegetables". I want her to eat fruits and vegetables to get the vitamins and dietary nutrients she needs in her age. There was a time that she couldn't eat fruits or even yogurt. Her old body wasn't able to accept it. Than she had to go to the hospital and stayed there as well in a nursery for one month. I read a lot about keeping healthy with food and I decided to push her up with food. I started cooking for me and her during the weekends and always added small portions of different fresh food and vegetables to her eating plan. After two years i succeeded! During the last blood tests the doctor took out of the medicine plan the synthetic vitamins like potassium.

It's funny when I come with some ideas or stuff she doesn't know and just tell her in our horrible German to-the-point way of speaking: "EAT". Our discussions look like: "But I don't want!" - "Eat, it's healthy, no discussion." - "What is it?" - "This and those" - "Aha.... Where does it come from?" - "From XYZ" - "Uhm... Maybe I'll try it..." - "Try, try, it's tasty. Look at me, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. You will see it's okay" - "Okay, give it to me!" - and after a while "I didn't expect that's really tasty". That's the way I put i.e. some Greek or Italian food to her eating plan - eggplants, zucchinis, dried tomatoes, feta cheese... Two years ago she would throw me out together with the food I serve her sometimes. Now she enjoys it and it probably does good to her, eating more different kinds of stuff and not only a bread witch cheese or salami/ham. Maybe it's not the food itself but the variety and diversification of her latest diet. I do not know.

The other aspect and a great source of dietary nutrients is good mineral water. We've got a lot of great local mineral waters (not table waters!) in Germany (God bless German mineral waters!) that you sometimes do not know what to buy. I tried different, checking the nutrient lists and looking for exactly the minerals she needs the most. So I found two very good mineral waters which I told her to drink instead of table/tap water she was used to. One day one kind the next day the other. I think that it was also the reason for better medical findings in her case. Together with fruits, vegetables and a balanced diet she feels quite well in the last year.

So yes, I believe that food can make us healthy or even unhealthy if you enjoy ONLY junk food. Do you remember the report "Super-size Me?" My experiments with feeding my granny and myself healthy seem to bring results after two years. In her and as well in my case. 

Or maybe it's only fiddle-faddle. If yes, it's a tasty fiddle-faddle without any side-effects that impinge upon us.

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