Monday, August 27, 2012

Semolina Pudding

Yes, sure you can buy a semolina pudding [Click here for the Wiki-article about semolina if you don't know what it is] in every grocery store in Germany and that was my idea today when I went shopping. After I saw the list of the ingredients, I thought that I must be crazy to eat that tasty chemistry (yummy yummy) so I decided to make the pudding myself. I bought a package of semolina, a litre of milk and brought some apple purée from the basement. Check the picture of that semolina package. It's the same one I remember since my childhood. My mom used to cook me exactly that semolina pudding and the picture of the small boy/girl (?) hasn't changed over the years. So what's the deal about cooking semolina pudding? It's fast, it's easy and only with the ingredients you add yourself. You'll need: milk (or water- I prefer milk), semolina (about 1/2 oz for 3 fl. oz milk / 17g/100ml, check the instruction on the package), some sugar (depends how sweet you want to have the pudding), a little butter, some fruit purée or crushed fresh fruits.

Bring the milk to boil, add the semolina and agitate it nonstop with a beater. Do it for about a minute. After one minute, switch off the oven, add some butter and the fruit purée or crashed fruits. That's all. You can serve it hot as a nice midday-meal or cool it down and eat as dessert. Preparing time: max 5 minutes.

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