Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yesterday I found a small spider in my bedroom. I did something I would never do, because I am afraid of spiders:I took a glass and brought him outside. I couldn't kill him. After I caught him, he got a name: Carlito, and a fat fly I found on the window ledge. And then I decided to keep him alive. It just couldn't stop a life only because I hate spiders. I went outside to the meadow and let him free. I think I am getting weak the older I am. So Carlito found new playmates and maybe a nice Mrs. spider he could have a lot of baby spiders. My only hope is, that he's not going to tell them about the white God-Guy who saved his life and I do not have to expect pilgrimages of his offspring in my flat ;)

Two months ago I bought two hibiscus' for my balcony. I kept watering them and tried to keep it alive. It was hard job BUT finally they started to blossom. It was the nicest thing I saw today. Two months of hard work and the effects of something you believed it. But watch the pictures:

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