Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy Zucchini Salad

My life taught me one thing: catch the moments! I was never a spontaneous person BUT I am able to learn. If I can spontaneously say YES so I better stop searching for excuses for myself to find reasons for drawbacks. BUT it does not mean I have to be 100% spontaneously. Those one percent Mr. Planing-Man was the reason for planing the tomorrow dinner. I made a zucchini salad because it needs one day for a better taste.

For the zucchini salad you need some zucchinis, garlic (but ask before if someone likes garlic), basil, vinegar, olive oil, salt, pepper and - that's my secret: some light white wine like Riesling or Morio Muskat. First slice the zucchinis and grill them on a pan in a little bit of oil (one teaspoon per portion). When you're done, put all the ingredients to a bowl and mix it well. Put it over night to the refrigerator and enjoy.

For the dinner I'll make a fast Spinach Feta Tarte CHECK IT HERE!. I can prepare it earlier and quickly put it to the oven for an hour. Time enough to enjoy the salad with home made bread and the wine I bought. I think I feel a little bit nervous and dizzy and I know I am crazy - but I am still nice. That's what I'll never give up. My optimism and my crazy ideas, although they sometimes can result in a catastrophe ;)

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