Sunday, August 5, 2012

Arme Ritter aka. French Toast

Do you know French Toasts? We call them Arme Ritter (poor knights) in German. It's one of those dishes I remember from my childhood. It's easy to make - soak some pieces of rolls or sweet bread in milk and then bake it for a while in the pan. My secret: butter instead of oil. The taste will be much better. Usually for French toast you need to soak the bread in egg, I remember my mom and my grandma soaked it in milk and so do I. You can serve the Poor Knights with some marmalade or with yogurt I did this time or better said, the rest of the yogurt I could rescue after my accident yesterday. I wanted to take a snack after midnight and took the yogurt out of the fridge. Shortly after I wanted to put it on the table I lost the control over my sins and the yogurt slipped out of my hands... you can think the rest of the story. It took me 10 minutes to clean up the mess in my kitchen.

What else? Well, the sun seems to be tired and the sunsets are everyday earlier and earlier. The days are warm but not hot, a nice breeze comes from the river. I made my balcony to my second living room in the evenings. I eat and read outside. It won't take long and it will be too cool for sitting outside so I am enjoying every single day. I finally started again reading Stephen King's Insomnia which I started in 2004 for the first time and I tried to read it for about 3 times. Now I am in the middle and know, that I will finish this book this time. Take a look of the picture. Can you imagine that I am living nearly in the middle of a big city in a metropolitan region with 5 millions citizens? I need only ten minutes to get by bike to the city centre or 15 by metro to the centre of our metropolis? People would kill for such amazing views, full of green, trees and mountains which are behind those buildings. Quite village like. And à propos village: I have a small herb-garden on my balcony: basil and peppermint. For more herbs I had no time this spring.

I planed my vacation in Austria and Hungary. I haven't been to Vienna since years. I always loved the city. I loved the Habsburg culture, the way Austrians speak German, the style of life. This time I'll be able to visit Budapest and travel around Austria and Hungary. Back to the roots somehow. The ancestors of my grandfather were somewhere from Czechia which was until 1918 a part of the Habsburg Austro-Hungarian Empire. Somewhen in the 18th century they settled down in Prussia where they stayed until the end of WWII. But the Austro-Hungarian roots of my grandfather's family are present until today in the maiden name of my mother. I can't wait to bring some new ideas home. Palatschinken and Kaiserschmarrn are two dishes I absolutely love. Let's see what else I'll try.

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