Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer, Autumn, Summer, Autumn

It's been a while I posted something here. The last thing were my strawberry tartlets and my broken dishwasher. So here's the update: Since one month I've got the new one and I absolutely love it! It works well and is so silent, that when I remember my old one I had the feeling it was a starting airbus. I had so much to work that I really had no time to cook new dishes or bake something. In the last two months I was working so much on my computer on some thesis and papers that the last thing I wanted was spending my time in the kitchen. I was so tired. I took a few days off this week to clear my mind and it was when I realized how much I needed some time only for myself - reading a book, hiking or watching TV. The Summer came back. Not for long (it's raining again) but after 8 weeks of rain and temperatures around the 50s, the last days with sun and sunshine and amazing sunsets were so great and I was waiting for them since May (?).

As you can see, I also made some changes in the design of the blog. It was also for me too hard to see everything in black colours. Now the background is white and I hope it's easier to read.

A few weeks ago we had a farewell party and I made some hummus. I made so much that I had to eat it for the next four days. Believe me, I won't try any hummus until next month. I still have some left in the freezer.

I also realized that we're turning into the Autumn soon. I went to the farmer's market a few weeks ago and bought some corn and bilberries. Corn and bilberries always remind me of the early Autumn.

And the last - but most funny thing was a sales slip from about two weeks ago. I made some small shopping in the supermarket and I had to pay: exactly 9.99 €. It was so funny to see such an amount, that I kept the receipt on my fridge. 

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

About Strawberry Tartlets and Broken Dishwashers

It's strawberry time! Okay, it's nearly over but I really can't count the pounds of strawberries I ate last weeks. On Saturday I made two tartlets, one for me and one for my granny. I bought two already baked tartlets in the grocery put some strawberries on the top and cooked a glaze. The glazes we can buy in Germany are called "Tortenguss" and it's made out of sugar, starch and delicious chemistry. You add 1/2 pint of water and cook it for two minutes. I know I am crazy but I indeed bought some organic glaze (sic!). I am still wondering what I was thinking about - chemistry is chemistry, but one time is no time we say in German. The tartlets were made in 10 minutes and tasted really good - you know chemistry ;)

On Friday evening, I collected my dishes for 3 or 4 days I switched on the dishwasher and everything worked as always. After about 5 minutes I switched it off for a while because I wanted to follow the news on TV. After a while when I switched it on again the automatic fuses cut-out. After I got rid of the problem I tried it again and again I lost the power in my flat. After a few times I realized that my dishwasher is the problem and I can not do anything about it. After so many years it has been in use it finally said bye bye to me. I took out all the dishes and washed them for more than one hour. My God, how could we live without dishwashers?!? On Saturday I went to a retailer and bought a new one which is going to be delivered by Thursday morning - the best thing is, they will recycle the old one for free. Since the European Union has very restrictive laws about recycling of the white goods and othe electronic appliances, I can not just ask the local garbage collection guys to take it away. 

Since 4 days I am washing the dishes and swearing and washing and swearing. I can't wait until Thursday to get rid of the extra work I have since a few days. I try to think twice before I take out a clean cup out of the shelf and I'm asking myself questions like: "do you really want a new cup? You'll have to clean it!" Horrible! Only two days left...

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