Saturday, June 2, 2012

Friend's High Tea

Last Saturday a very good friend of mine invited me and a common friend for high tea. She moved into a new apartment 9 months ago and I never had time for a re-visit. But finally! My friend was complaining all the time that she can't cook and every time we were going to try some of the dishes, she told us "that it will taste horribly, because I made a mistake here or there in the recipe". My dearest friend - It's bull***trala la la la la you told us! Believe me, the dishes were so delicious that I want some recipes from you and you did a great job in the kitchen. Especially because we were only expecting coffee and cake. Once again: THANK YOU.

We spent the time sitting on the balcony, drinking French wine and coffee, eating the delicious meals and thanking the Gods of Weather, that the Summer finally arrived. Here are the pictures of our high tea:

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