Saturday, May 19, 2012

[Oversized] Challah

Do you know Challah? If not: check it here! .I like this traditional and very tasty bread. Today I baked bread in my great bread-baking-machine and I still had left a 1/2 ounce of fresh yeast. My first idea was: bake a challah, you can enjoy it with marmolade. As we know, the first ideas are always the best, I put the ingredients into the food processor and after 2 hours I got a great yeast dough. I made the challah and put it for 40' to the oven. Well well well... It's amazing BUT it's oversized. I used a recipe from and they told me to take 8 cups of flour. Two more I needed before I put it to the oven. And I did not convert this time the cups into weight! So I had a dough of nearly 2 pounds of flour! Usually I bake cakes and make yeast doughs out of 1 pound flour. As you can see on the picture: the cake is HUGE. Watch it in comparision to my landline phone, which is not small... But I can't wait until the challah gets cold so I can enjoy it and the amazing view outside my windows. Enjoying yummy challah with French strawberry marmolade and watching the mountains into the sunset...

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