Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food in Israel - The Wedding in Acre (Akko), Galilee

Finally, there was THE WEDDING which was the main reason I went to Israel. We were all friends from Germany and Greece and Israel knowing each other from our university times for a loooooooooooooooong long time. Now the first of us got married and we went to Israel to be a part of that lucky day.

The food was delicious, the wedding was great and the rabbi was rocking it all during the ceremony. Big big compliments to the wife of my friend for the ideas and that great reception. She did a great work deciding what will be served for the wedding. But take a look on that delicious looking (and tasting) fancy foods!

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Anonymous said...

endlich seh ich mal Fotos vom Essen auf unsrer Hochzeit^^
die Nachspeisseplatte sieht ja wirklich hammer aus, hoffe sie war auch so gut!!!

Vegetarian Chef said...

Indeed! It was so delicious! It's a shame I was not able to eat everything.... ;) I totally loved the foof.

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