Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fashion & Wedding & New Ideas

There's nothing new to report from my diabolical cuisine this week, so this is a TOTAL off topic. I am leaving abroad for the wedding of my best friend soon and nearly every second day last week I was shopping around the city, buying a lot of new clothes and a new suit after I realised the other one was not fitting me anymore. I started to pack my stuff and had absolutely no time to cook anything I would like to post here, except my Saturday morning breakfast in the city before I started looking for the suit. It was a VERY unhealthy breakfast "on the run" but it was an exception [wasn't I laughing about people having breakfasts on the run in the city???].

I spend some hours reading about the latest fashion styles in Europe and how some American blogger write "how much more fashionable and sophisticated" we are here. That's funny, I've never thought about it this way, but YES, I can recognize an American tourist miles before I would be able hear the language he's speaking and I see the differences in the way of clothing in the U.S. and in Europe. It does not mean Europeans doesn't like the casual style, but what we call casual here, would be somewhere else considered as being a little bit overdressed.

Here are some links, and for God's sake! Don't think I want to criticize someone. It's an interesting aspect I've never thought about before and it shows how much the Western culture drifts apart when it comes to the topics: style, fashion, clothes and the way we think something's casual or not. So here are the links:

  1. What not to wear in Europe - funny video, they're almost true, with one exception: yes, we Europeans do wear shorts BUT only fashionable shorts are OK as casual wear. Any other will make you look like cheap or people start asking you if you're coming back from the gym. Click here to watch it in YouTube!
  2. Clothes and the Man - an interesting article about menswear, the history of suits' styles (American vs. European Style). Read the whole article here.
  3. 17 Ways to Avoid looking Like a Tourist - Read the article here.
  4. Cross-Cultural Communication/Germany - short, but brings it to the point. Read it here. 
  5. European Dress Better Than Americans - Click here to read the article 

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