Friday, March 30, 2012

Food in Israel - Haifa

An hour by car northly from Tel Aviv, there is the amazing city of Haifa with it's beatiful Baha'i Temple and the old houses in the Germany Colony in the city centre. We also went to the Stella Maris with the cable cars and we enjoyed the view over the whole city and the cities northly and southly of Haifa. We stayed in a nice hotel whose owner, Moshe was very nice and we had nice chats alltogether.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Food in Israel - The Wedding in Acre (Akko), Galilee

Finally, there was THE WEDDING which was the main reason I went to Israel. We were all friends from Germany and Greece and Israel knowing each other from our university times for a loooooooooooooooong long time. Now the first of us got married and we went to Israel to be a part of that lucky day.

The food was delicious, the wedding was great and the rabbi was rocking it all during the ceremony. Big big compliments to the wife of my friend for the ideas and that great reception. She did a great work deciding what will be served for the wedding. But take a look on that delicious looking (and tasting) fancy foods!

Food in Israel - Nahariya

In the very North of Israel is the nice City of Nahariya. There's a traditional ice cream parlour, which as far as I know is one of those my friend loves the most. It's called "Penguin" and it's located in the city centre.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Food in Israel - Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. I enjoyed it everytime I have been there. The weather was great, we were walking along the beach or the Sederot Rothschild (Rothschild Avenue) or meeting with friends. We went to the sea, cycled and had the time of our lifes. After a few of months I can say for sure that it was our last common time of life.

Max Brenner in Tel Aviv is a real institution. To be honest? I did not like it too much... Everything was too sweet for me. But watch the pictures of Tel Aviv.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Food in Israel - Some impressions

Welcome back. As I promissed, here are the culinary impressions from my vacation in Israel in March/April 2012. I discovered that Israel is a great country for every vegetarian. The food there is amazing. I enjoyed the time in Israel. I had a car and made nearly 1000 kilometres in 12 days. I only wished the drivers were more European and less "southern". The traffic on the streets was terrific and I am still wondering I survived it ;)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Birthday in Athens (Greece)

Apart from the problems we have at the moment with our currency and with the question how can we help Greece to come out from the economic recession, I found the pictures from my trip to Greece three years ago. After my friend resettled to Greece to continue with her studies and we haven't seen for 3 years, me and my best friend in Germany decided to go to over my birthday to Athens for a friends-reunion. Due to the fact that Europe is not as big as the U.S. we arrived in Athens just after a three-hour flight through the continent. It was really funny because we left Germany in the middle of the Winter, it was cloudy, foggy, cold - just this typical German Winter and three hours later we stood in the middle of our Sunshine Country "Ellada". Me and my friend walking around in sweatshirts between Greeks in warm Winter coats made the Greek folks laughing. Unluckily I was in Athens exactly in that December when that horrible riots after the death of this young guy started. The city was horribly demolished as well as the university - as you can see in the pictures taken exactly on my birthday... But beside this sad circumstances I had a wonderful time there. I brought some culinary impressions from Athens - here are the photos.

Fashion & Wedding & New Ideas

There's nothing new to report from my diabolical cuisine this week, so this is a TOTAL off topic. I am leaving abroad for the wedding of my best friend soon and nearly every second day last week I was shopping around the city, buying a lot of new clothes and a new suit after I realised the other one was not fitting me anymore. I started to pack my stuff and had absolutely no time to cook anything I would like to post here, except my Saturday morning breakfast in the city before I started looking for the suit. It was a VERY unhealthy breakfast "on the run" but it was an exception [wasn't I laughing about people having breakfasts on the run in the city???].

I spend some hours reading about the latest fashion styles in Europe and how some American blogger write "how much more fashionable and sophisticated" we are here. That's funny, I've never thought about it this way, but YES, I can recognize an American tourist miles before I would be able hear the language he's speaking and I see the differences in the way of clothing in the U.S. and in Europe. It does not mean Europeans doesn't like the casual style, but what we call casual here, would be somewhere else considered as being a little bit overdressed.

Here are some links, and for God's sake! Don't think I want to criticize someone. It's an interesting aspect I've never thought about before and it shows how much the Western culture drifts apart when it comes to the topics: style, fashion, clothes and the way we think something's casual or not. So here are the links:

  1. What not to wear in Europe - funny video, they're almost true, with one exception: yes, we Europeans do wear shorts BUT only fashionable shorts are OK as casual wear. Any other will make you look like cheap or people start asking you if you're coming back from the gym. Click here to watch it in YouTube!
  2. Clothes and the Man - an interesting article about menswear, the history of suits' styles (American vs. European Style). Read the whole article here.
  3. 17 Ways to Avoid looking Like a Tourist - Read the article here.
  4. Cross-Cultural Communication/Germany - short, but brings it to the point. Read it here. 
  5. European Dress Better Than Americans - Click here to read the article 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Cooking With Herbs & Spring Time

I can not imagine cooking without herbs. I always have some dried Herbes de Provence, basil, oregano, deep frozen parsley or dill,chili powder and cayenne pepper at home. I do use tabasco and soya sauce and a pepper mill. Fresh ground pepper and fresh basil and oregano are my favourites. I could eat them with absolutely every dish. As you can see my spice shelf is not so big but these are the spices I use in my cuisine. In the Winter I always try to keep some fresh basil - in my new kitchen the window sill is so small that I had to find another place for the pot with my fresh basil but what do we have Italian coffee machines for? They work wonderful as a shelf ;)

The other thing: my wonderful radio controlled clock tells me that the sunrise this days here is at 7:05 AM and the sunset at 6:07 PM. So it means, since we have the meteorogical Spring since March 1st, it won't take long and we will get warm and sunny days and hopefully leave the Winter behind and the days will get longer in 3 weeks because we are going in the European Union to switch to Summetime in the last Saturday of March. I bough some seed packets with parsley, basil, dill and oregano which I am going to sow in a few pots on my sunny balcony. After my trip outside Europe which I am going to have in a few weeks, the "gardening" season on my balcony [sic! hahaha] will start.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pasta e basta!

Buonasera! What was I cooking today? To be honest the meal today was an act of desperation. It was turning 7 P.M and I skipped my lunch today. I was hungry and I had a 4 oz piece of cheddar I had to eat today. So I cooked some pasta for circa 3 minutes, in a pan I put some butter and a chopped zucchini and some milk and yogurt and a lot of spices (pepper, herbs). I cooked it for a few minutes, than I put the pasta and the chopped cheddar. Some dried tomatoes in oil make the Mediterranean flair I love so much perfect. I put the pasta to the oven for about 15 min. Preparing this caserolle took me about 10 min. As you can see on the picture, my kitchen was one big mess and I had to do the cleaning - sometimes I hate it if something does not fit to the dishwasher and I have to do it by myself...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Potato casserole

This is a very easy and fast to prepare potato casserole. The only thing you need are potatoes (as much as you want), herbs (salt, pepper, oregano), chopped cheese (i.e. cheddar), some milk/yogurt and some butter to oil the baking pan. You can as well slice some extra carrots if you like. After you sliced the potatoes, cook them for 5  minutes with a little bit of milk and yogurt and spice it well. This will shorten the time you need to bake the potatoes in the oven. Use as much milk/yogurt just to cover the potatoes in the pot. Then put the potatoes into an buttered baking pan and spread some chopped cheese on it. Bake for circa 40 minutes at +/- 200°C (390°F). You can check after 30 min. if the potatoes are ready. That's all. You can serve it as side dish. You can as well mix some tuna to get a non-vegetarian one-dish-meal.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lasagne Express II

Because I loved my creation for lasagne last time when I used yoghurt instead of tomato sauce, I decided to make it again and show you step by step the way I made this delicious lasagne. It took me 20 minutes to prepare it and about 20-25 minutes backing it.

  1. I took a package od 1 1/2 pounds (750g) frozen vegetables mix and stew it in a big pan for 10 minutes. I added some soya sauce to get a better taste.
  2. In the meantime the vegetables where stewing I took a lasagne pan and oiled it with BUTTER. Than I put a film of yoghurt and the lasagne plates.
  3. Add some tomato purée.
  4. Add the vegetables, a thin film of yohurt again, herbs, pepper, garlic and cheese (I used British cheddar).
  5. Add a shift of lasagne pasta plates and cover it with yohurt - you will need this because your pasta needs liquid to be cooked and not burn in the oven.
  6. I allowed myself to show my love to Italy. Cook for about 25-30 minutes in the oven.

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