Friday, February 24, 2012

The Urban Style of Dining

To be honest I feel a little bit misunderstood sometimes. I mean a lot of my friends think it's sweet that someone in their age, in the late 20s, early 30s still enjoys cooking by himself but their way of eating is far away from what I would call healthy. It's that new urban style of living which arrived us from i.e. U.S., where junk food is the cornerstone of the modern city cuisine. I live in a big city in a region with more than 3 millions residents. You pass one city border without realising it, where one city starts at the exactly end of the other. From my apartment I've got a great view to the "cathedrals" of our times of the "most American city in Germany" how Frankfurt am Main is called and I must say I am different than the others. Maybe it's because of my vegetarianism or maybe it's just my energy to swim against the tide and to say "no".

As everyone I'm dining in the city from time to time but I try to go to a restaurant and not to a fast food restaurant. So far so good. I'm trying to avoid eating French fries or other stuff which comes nearly ready for eating. I never had a microwave oven in my kitchen and I know only two other people who also does not have one. First of all I don't think that's healthy. Maybe I am wrong but as long such thinking makes me happy and since I am not a militant anti, I do not try to force other people to live the way I do. But yes, people are always wondering that they can't find a microwave oven in my kitchen. If you want to make your food warm - take a pan I am used to say. It takes only a few minutes longer and a gas stove is a great invention for this. As use it everyday to warm my cereals for my breakfast.

And so I am at my second topic: breakfasts. I do not know what kind of breakfast you are used to take. I am used to that casual continental breakfast. With some bread or rolls and marmalade, a cup of coffee or coco or a croissant. It's the way I handle it on holidays or on days I know I can spend at home. When I know I have a long day at the university or I am going hiking or on trips, I usually have a large bowl of cereals with a pint of milk. But I always kept one rule my mom told me since I was a child: "son never leave the house without eating breakfast". I prefer to get up 20 minutes earlier but having my breakfast. It's my golden rule. And I know a lot of people who never eat anything before leaving the house. That's something I call strange. Really. How do you want to spend the first ours i.e. at the university, how do you want your brain to have energy when your last meal was a day ago? I see a lot of people in the morning walking in the city or sitting in the underground and having "breakfast" out of a paper bag. Well, I so enjoy a croissant in the city the same way but only because I do feel I need some sugar. It's never the first meal of the day in a sticky underground with a lot of people around me. Horrible. So please, take your twenty minutes in the morning, have a normal meal and give your body the energy it needs so much.

I am not going to tell you what my opinion about junk food "restaurants" is. You can see it in the way I call and wrote it. I will probably never understand people who enjoy this. I suppose they never tried to cook something by themselves and the only taste they know must be that synthetic one they're used from such kinds of "restaurants". Maybe they even do not realize that's synthetic... I don't know.

But there is also a great deal of living in a such huge and urban area I do. You have the chance to watch outside your own box and try other tastes or other dishes. We've got a lot of Italian, Greek, Turkish shops on nearly every corner and if one's interested to try something new, he can easily do it. The way my regular cuisine is, is what we call here Mediterranean. It's totally different of what my ancestors were used to eat or people in Northern Europe would cook. And it's interesting to see that the changes in the way of dining is happening right now - in my generation. Older people like the generation of my grandparents do not know a lot of dishes my generation is used to have. We're traveling along, bringing new ideas home and sometimes also my old grandmother likes dishes I cook and she never tried before. That's one of the things I love in being European - the diversity of cultures and cuisines and so many ideas...


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