Saturday, December 3, 2011

Poshy Couch Potatoes' Fitness Centers

I can not see any common points between a fat potato on the couch and myself :) I never practiced lots of sports but I aways loved cycling. Since, lets say 1994/1995 I was cycling circa 50 kms a week, March until November. Between 2003-2010 I was cycling nearly everyday something like 20 kms, which makes 70-80 kms a week, depending on the weather. Maybe it's not a lot but if you do it consequent year by year and you need only 40 minutes for 13 kms, you'll in a quite good shape without any ounce of needless fat. 

On the other hand, I have the good genes of my grandma, and that's something you can not control and I would be also without sports slim like plywood, how we say in German. But if you have bad genes, and your style of life and dining is not optimal, you can do whatever you want, you'll get the yo yo-effect one day anyway. The only rescue is trying to change the diet and... surprise, surprise: sports. But please not those posh indoor 20 minutes cycling behind a glass window. It's so pathetic. I don't know what's the point about those sophisticated leisure centers where you pay a lot of money for sweating behind a glass facade and other people can look and laugh at and of you. I think it's something for people full of complexes trying to push their personal status a class higher they really are, thinking that a membership in a posh fitness center would hide their roots of origin and doing everything to advance in the society but forget one thing: being themselves. That's so sad. 

Yes, after all, I just feel sorry for that mentally poor social climbers who never read an ambitious book or for whom the TV or its size is more important than books and education. I feel sorry for those who think that literature or [higher] education is just a piece of paper they should have "you know, it looks better in the CV" - instead of being a possibility to broaden the own horizons. There are so many people with MA's where the paper of such a degree is more worth than the degree itself... No matter how much you try, you can never escape from your own origin and your own roots. They will always follow you, no matter how posh you'll try your life to be.

But back to the point: No, I know I will never turn to a couch potato and I hope none of you too!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Housewarming Dinner

Saying "thank you" to my friends who helped me with moving to my new appartement, I decided to cook something (pasta with different sauces and pancakes with apricots and whipped cream as dessert) for them. 

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