Sunday, November 27, 2011

Almond Apricot Cake

It's a great recipe from allrecipes for an almond apricot cake. It was not too difficult to make but it was important to keep some steps while baking the cake.

Update: I've just seen that the recipe disappeared from the website but luckily I noticed it down and I will post it as soon as I'll bake it again.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunday Meal for Grandma

I prepared a special "thank you" meal for my granny. So I cooked duck (!!! and I am vegetarian!!! - but I did not try!!!) for her to say "thanks" for the patience with me in the time I was moving to a new flat. It was a crazy time because everything happened in only 14 days. I redecorated, moved in to the new one and moved out from the old one in a fortnight! But It was better to keep it short. And I absolutely love my new flat. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

I Finally Moved In

I finally moved in and I finished the renovation of the new apartment. Here are some pictures of my little kitchen which is 8m² (86 ft²) small. I like it because it is not open space and I can close the door while cooking since there is no possibility to install an exhaust hood. It has a window and I was able to place there all the important home appliances like a dish washer, washing machine and a big refrigerator as well a little IKEA table I can open or cave in (great idea) and a big ceiling high rack for my kitchen stuff on the opposite wall. But the most happy I am about having a gas oven again which is not very common in German flats nowadays (I can not understand why they say here that cooking with gas is outdated and everyone switches to induction or electric cooking). I needed a special permission from my landlord and paid the installation fees by myself. But it was worth it.

Update 6th Okt. 2012: After my mom got induction - I can imagine WHY do people switch from electric stoves to induction stoves. But I will still prefer a gas stove ;) 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Back to the Roots

After I moved to my new appartement I decided to go back to the roots. Although I have a great Italian coffee machine I am using it very rare and having my coffee the "Turkish style" - coffee powder, hot water, milk, that's all. For boiling water I used in the past 6 years an electric water kettle which is widely known and popular here in Germany. But I still remembered the good old times of a normal water kettle I used on the stove top before my "electric-experiment" and decided to bring them back. I bought the cheapest one for around € 10 with a capacity of 1 quart and it does a really good job. It takes a little bit longer to bring your water boiling but it has something magic for me. The sound of the gas oven, the few minutes longer you wait for your water and the sound of the kettle whistling makes a perfect start into the day for me. I bought two very expensive electric kettles of a good European brand in the last 6 years and if I had known they will break down, I would safe that money. Now I am back to the roots.

Update 6th Oct. 2012: I do not own this water kettle anymore. I gave it to my parents because it works on an induction stove top and I bought myself an Italian water kettle by Alessi (Alessi 9093 "Bird"), designed by Michael Graves - Here's the link to the Alessi Website. I LOVE IT ;)

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