Saturday, January 1, 2011


Some people who are not my friends and follow my blog ask me questions who is the guy behind the blog. So I thought I'll write a few words about myself and the reasons I am blogging.

What is my mission? I am a passionate amateur chef. Why? That's simple. I enjoy cooking and baking because it gives me some time for myself and for my own thoughts. Working manually with my hands allows me to switch off from my day-job, all the §§§ and translations from languages that no normal German would be able to read. Since I turned vegetarian when I was a teenager I started focusing on things we/I eat and cook. Paying attention not to eat or buy junk food, trying to go local and buy products from the local farmer's markets and so on. I hold the view that it's possible to cook fresh and healthy meals at home in only 20 minutes - that's exactly the time you would need to buy some junk food and warm it up. So my dishes are not too complicated and everyone can easily and fast re-cook it. That's what's my mission: to show people of my age, living in big cities that the kitchen is not only a place where you prepare your breakfast and cook coffee and that it's possible to cook fast and healthy dishes even in a small city kitchen.

Why vegetarian? I am vegetarian since 1997. I never liked meat so it was problem to stop eating it. I always have to laugh when I meet old friends from high school and their first question is: "Are you still vegetarian???" So my answer always is: what do you mean with "still". I am vegetarian and I am quite sure I will stay it.

Why blogging? After I bought my first digital camera 10 years ago I started taking photos of my food and posting them on picasa and later I started blogging because I thought it would be cool to get in touch with other people who think the same and as well collect my recipes somewhere. Sometimes I am blogging kind of off-topics about my thoughts or just simple life. As I said, it's not a professional blog and while cooking I have always 20.000 thoughts - it's one of those times of the day I really can concentrate only on myself and doing the manual work cooking is, go deep inside my thoughts. Sometimes it ends with pasta which is not al dente anymore or a burned burger - but that's the life.

I am only an amateur! I am not a person who posts every recipe in details - the most of the time I am experimenting in my kitchen and sometimes I am in mood only to send some photos. So excuse that there are not always recipes along my photos. I am not claiming to run a professional blog with recipes - I am just an amateur enjoying my small after-hours hobby and trying to share it with people from all over the world. But feel free to ask for recipes if you will see something interesting and I did not write the ingredients and the preparation.

Environment and ecology - VERY important to me. It started already when I was a kid. We had an European project running at our school - about environment education and ecology. We were part of the Green Club we called it and we got a deep education in saving the planet and ecological thoughts. We were forced to do waste separation, thinking global and doing a lot of programmes and activities at school or with our partner schools from across Europe. So I grew up into an ecological education at school which was a novelty at the beginning of the 1990s here. I was part of this project for more than five years and that was I kept this kind of thinking until now. That's why I think that's very important to educate the children in environment and planetary saving-thinking from the very beginning and early years. Ecology and doing so, is something that comes naturally to me - I'm just following what I was taught when I was a small kid.

Farmer and Carpenter ;) I grew up in a suburb in a big house with a much bigger garden - with animals, couple of cats, always two dogs etc etc. That's why I am always claiming to call myself a regular guy from the province. I am down-to-earth and I have a natural animosity against people who grew up in suburbs or in small tows, later coming to big cities and pretending to be someone else (or BETTER) they really are. I hate big cities and every city over a million habitants is my personal horror. For the future - when I get retired one day I hope I could make my dream possible - a small farm, some animals and a simple life far away from the overcrowded cities in Europe we are forced to live and far away from that rat race we are every day part of - in our jobs or lives. I hope to learn one day how to be a more or less professional carpenter ;) Until this happens I'll keep on blogging from my small kitchen in the middle of the big city and living my normal city life. I am from Frankfurt am Main/Germany.

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